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I'm an artist and art teacher to grades K-8. Life is truly interesting. A year ago, I re-discovered my love of crocheting. I've made hundreds of items, from huge crochet blankets to tiny jump-drive cozies. It's a sickness! I keep thinking I will eventually get it out of my system. It hasn't happened yet. I can't get enough yarn!!! If interested, you can view my shop at http://creativehook.etsy.com

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Skank in Town

SkankaRella loves the beach. She checks out all the surfer boys and lifeguards, and flips her sun-bleached blonde tresses in the wind to gain their attention. She is proud to wear the tiniest bikini on the beach, and she has the body to pull it off. Lifeguards fall from their stations as she basks in the sun. In ten more years she will look like a piece of scorched bacon, but now... she is what she is: an eye-catching Skank of a woman

Amigurumi: How do you pronounce it?

Amigurumi. It's the Japanese art of crocheting (or knitting) little animal toys. Recently, I've been intrigued by the process of making these weird/cute little anthropomorphic crochet creatures. I've made some strange little things (see my shop, below). So far: a purple monster giving the world the finger and a one-eyed cat with wounds, stitches and a bird feather in its mouth. I'm currently working on a green little guy I'll probably name "Booger." Do I need counseling? Perhaps. I love making amigurumi, but I don't know how it's pronounced. Anyone know?


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crocheting While Driving

Ok, someone told me I need to have a blog to promote my shop. I crochet. I mean it. I crochet like a demon posessed... honest to god, every chance I get. I grab my hook and get my fiber in the morning with my coffee. I crochet surreptitiously during work breaks, during lunch, in fact I even have my hook and yarn beside me in my car ready to crochet when paused at those long, un-nerving stop lights. It is so tempting to crochet while driving. Hey, I can see the traffic ticket for that feat: CWD = CrochetingWhileDriving. (Which, by the way, I am thinking would make a great name for a rock group.)

I have hundreds of items I've made. I only have 2 daughters, and they have scarves, purses, hats and gadget cozies up the wazoo. None of my family lives near me, so I can't push my crochet wares off on them. I saw no option but to sell my soft and fuzzy goods. Someone told me about Etsy. Yesterday I made my very first sale, and I'm riding high off the thrill. There's another obsession for me.

And now blogging. I suppose blogging will be my next obsession. Once I figure out how to navigate around in here, play with the pictures, layout...

Bear with me, will you? I'm CWD.


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Lake Tillery

Lake Tillery
Can you believe that I live in such a beautiful spot on this planet? I am daily reminded of how lucky I am. This place is always so beautiful, so peaceful. And I'm lucky enough to drive by here at least 20 times a week. Just wanted to share this with you...